Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Odd Man Out!


The last two years the Los Angeles Lakers have exit the playoffs due to being over matched by younger and better talent.  This past summer Laker GM ,Mitch Kupchak, decided to make a power move by acquiring Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and Antwan Jamison. 

When the Lakers picked up Steve Nash, I was the first person jumping around and bragging to my non-Laker fans.  After watching a few pre0season games, I noticed that average point guards were giving Steve Nash problems.  One thing is clear to me, Steve Nash is not going to work!  I think Steve Nash is one of the best point guards to play the game, but you signed a 38 year old player to a 3 year deal.  The Lakers problem for years have been stopping their opponent's point guard.  This year will  not be any different.  We all know that Steve Nash's kryptonite is playing defense.  When the Lakers picked him up, I figured Nash would put so much pressure on the opposing point guard that he wouldn't have to play as much defense.  After watching these preseason games, one thing is clear, Steve Nash will be the next victim of the KOBE EFFECT!  (Prior Blog Title)  He is not even shooting the ball!    Steve Nash is used to being the best player on his team and is most effective when he has the ball the majority of the time.  In the past, Nash has created offense for himself as well as set his teammates up for easy shots.  Since Nash is now the 4th best player on his team, he is not handling the ball as much..  Without Nash controlling the offense and being aggressive, it just give the opponents point guard more energy to go at him on offense. 

Let's look at the point guards the Lakers will have to go up against in order to make a run for the Finals.  The top three point guards in the Western Conference are Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker.  All three player will eat a 38 year old Steve Nash for lunch.  Please don't think Kobe Bryant is going to switch and guard those guys either. 

In conclusion, I will GUARANTEE you by the middle of the season, Steve Nash will either have his normal back problems or will be very frustrated with the lack of contribution he is giving the team.  Please feel free to call me out if I'm wrong.  But I'm confident I'm not.

B.Mac (concerned Laker fan)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top 10 Things Chiefs Fans Say....

10. Remember when Montana beat Elway in Mile High.
 9.  Cassel sucks!
 8.  At least we will beat the Raiders this year.
 7.  Why the hell did we get rid of Brandon Carr?
 6.  I wish we still had Jared Allen.
 5.  Pioli, if you want to be New England, start by getting Brady.
 4.  Fuck Peyton Manning, I hope he gets hurt.
 3.  How many points are you going to give me?
 2.  I'm going back to the car to drink after the 3rd quarter is over.
 1.  I think I'm going to start going back to church.

Monday, August 13, 2012

NBA Repair Kit

In America, we have three popular professional sports which are football, basketball and baseball.  The most popular of the three with out a doubt is football.  Does anyone know why?  Because in football, every team has an equal opportunity to win a championship each year.  You can't really buy a championship like in the other two sports.

In the NBA, they have a set salary cap and after you reach that particular figure, you are charged a luxury tax.  Luxury tax is being taxed one dollar for every dollar you are over the salary cap.  For example, if the Miami Heat are 5 million dollars over the salary cap, the NBA charges them a luxury tax of 5 million.  Now, under the new CBA, teams pay an incremental tax that increases with every $5 million they go above the salary cap/tax threshold ($1.50, $1.75, $2.50, $3.25, etc.).  Teams that have been paying luxury tax for at least four out of the past five seasons have a tax that is $1 more at each increment than the increments mentioned above ($2.50, $2.75, $3.50, $4.25, etc.).  After understanding the salary cap and luxury tax, you can come to the understanding that owners with the most money have no problem going over the salary cap in order to win.

In the last 30 years, the same nine teams have won championships in the NBA.  That is the biggest difference from NFL and NBA.  Most markets feel like their team has some type of chance to win in the NFL.  Last week, Dwight Howard signed with the Los Angeles Lakers making them a favorite again to win the championship next year.  There is only about 4 teams in the league that have a realistic chance of winning championship next year.  (LA, MIA, OKC and BOS)

To increase the level of competition in the NBA, I believe there should be a hard salary cap that NO TEAM can go over.  By making each team have the same salary cap, you put all cities on the same playing field.  This would put an end to the SUPER TEAMS we have seen develop in the last 5 years due to teams not being able to pay these stars and put a supporting cast around them.  This cap would make teams like Golden State, Sacramento and Charlotte relevant, because the stars would spread out more in order to receive a max deal.  You would still have role players taking less money to play with stars, but you wouldn't have stars taking less money to play with other stars.

If the NBA doesn't incorporate a hard salary cap soon, they can just get rid of fifty percent of the teams and create 14 SUPER TEAMS.  I feel like a Republican right now, getting rid of jobs.  MESSAGE!

In conclusion, if the NBA wants to keep doing what they are doing, I will be fine.  You ask me why?  I roll with the boys in PURPLE AND GOLD.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michael Jordan: The Gift and the Curse!

The game of basketball has been around for years.  We have seen multiple teams win championships over the years using different ways of getting there.

In the '80s, we had three teams in that decade that won multiple championships which included the Lakers, Celtics, and Pistons.  All of these teams had something in common.  They were complete teams that played together in order to accomplish one goal. 

The Lakers had a starting lineup that included:
Magic Johnson
Byron Scott
Michael Cooper
James Worthy
Kareem Adul-Jabbar

The Celtics had a starting lineup that included:
Dennis Johnson
Danny Ainge
Larry Bird
Kevin McHale
Robert Parrish

The Pistons had a starting lineup that included:
Isaiah Thomas
Joe Dumas
Mark Aguirre
Bill Laimbeer
James Edwards

All the above championship teams had players who came together and played team basketball.  These teams had productive bench play and no one was trying to outshine their teammates.

Then came the birth of Michael Jordan.  A player who took over the NBA by himself, taking on all teams.  He led the league in scoring almost every year.  If you grew up in the '80s and '90s, you wanted to "Be like Mike".  Michael Jordan, not purposely, taught little kids to be selfish and go after your individual stats to succeed in basketball.  After many years of losing to the Celtics and Pistons, Michael realized that it took a team effort to become a championship team.  He finally figured it out, and partnered with Scottie Pippen and other great role player to win six NBA championships.

While becoming a champion, Michael Jordan birthed children like Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady.  These and other player came into the league with the belief that they had to win championships by solely leading their teams, by putting up the majority of shots like Michael did in order to become great.  Kobe Bryant quickly learned, due to veteran leadership around him, that it takes a team to win championships.

The offspring of Michael Jordan has finally grown up to become great players.  They are finally teaching the up and coming player that team basketball is the way to go.  Just take a look at the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats, who were dynamic underclassmen that came together to achieve one goal and that was a National Championship.  The Kentucky Wildcats all compromised there individual success in order to gain team success.

The NBA is finally getting back to great team basketball.  The Dallas Mavericks won last year with great team effort.  They even had bench players like Jason Terry and J.J. Barea who really made the difference during the 2011 NBA Finals.  This year you have the San Antonio Spurs currently on a 20 game winning streak playing the best team ball I have ever seen.  If you want to see basketball the way Dr. James Naismith designed it, watch the San Antonio.

We can all thank Michael Jordan, because he showed us how life was when you have all the individual honors and no championship and how life is when you make your teammates better and win multiple championships.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who is the Villain?

Growing up in Kansas City, my father always liked taking our family to the movies during the summer.  He loved to watch a good action movie.  I could remember him arguing with his friends for weeks about different scenes in the original Terminator movie.  In all of these movies, there was a good guy to root and a villain to go against.

Over the years, there have been several villains in movies.  Superman had Lex Luthor, Batman had the Joker and Luke Skywalker had Darth Vader.  Anyone who knows me can tell you who is my
all-time villain.  That would be Wesley Snipes' character Nino Brown in the best movie ever, New Jack City. 

I thought about this topic while listening to an ESPN sports radio show discussing something similar this past weekend.  Just like in every action movie, there is a villain that the audience is supposed to go against or strangely root for.

In baseball, you could consider Barry Bonds a villain.  He broke the home run record and is known as one of the best baseball players ever with an asterisk since he took performance enhancement drugs without knowing.  Side note, if my head size went from a 7 to an 8 after age 24, I would check with a doctor about that.  He was always a complete jerk to the media.

Basketball has their fair share of villains.  Dennis Rodman is the first one that comes to mind.  He was an original Bad Boy for the Detroit Piston championship teams.  Dennis and his teammates believed it was their duty to beat the crap out of Michael and Scottie any chance they could.   

Football has a couple villains as well.  One of the most recent inductees to the villain fraternity would be Greg Williams, GODFATHER of the BOUNTY.  He turned a mediocre New Orleans Saints team to a championship defense just by giving the team an incentive (BOUNTY) to do what they were already going to do. 

Villains in the sports world can be players, coaches or even owners.  Let me know who are some people you think are the villains of their sport and what they did to give themselves the VILLAIN title.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Kobe Effect!

Kobe Bryant is arguable one of the best players that ever picked up a basketball.  He has won 5 rings with the Los Angeles Lakers and is searching for that 6th ring to catch his idol Michael Jordan. 

This year while Kobe has been trying to lead his team to a championship, he has suffered a few injuries.  Right now he has missed 5 games due to an injured shin.  In Kobe's absence, the Los Angeles Lakers have put up a 4-1 record consisting of a impressive win on Sunday versus last year's NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks.

The amazing thing about the Lakers recent play is the production they have been receiving from role players Metta World Peace (can't believe I just typed that), and Matt Barnes.  Last week, World Peace led the Lakers past the Spurs with 26 points when he only averages 7.4 points a game.  Matt Barnes led the team past Denver on Friday with 24 points when he averages 7.7 points a game.  Why are these guys not producing on a more consistent basis.  Could it be the KOBE EFFECT?

KOBE EFFECT - The act of decreasing in productivity due to the lack of shots and confidence while in the presence of Kobe Bryant.

Let's see if this theory holds any weight when it comes to teammates that won a championships with Kobe.

The first year he won a championship, the Lakers traded for Glen Rice to help the team get over the hump.  Glen Rice averaged 22.3 points a game with 45% shooting the year before he became a Laker and averaged 15.9 points a game at 43% shooting the year they won the championship. 

The next year Mitch Richmond joined the Lakers and won a championship.  He averaged 16.2 points per game at 40% shooting with the Wizards then joined the Lakers and averaged 4.1 points per game at 40% shooting.

Finally, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace averaged 17.3 points per game at 40% shooting with the Rockets then joined the Lakers and averaged 11.7 points per game at 41% shooting.

For some reason, perimeter players have the hardest time being successful with Kobe Bryant.  Is it because Kobe shoots the ball too much?  Is it the stress of playing on a championship caliber team?  Is it the lack of trust Kobe has for his teammates which results in the lack of shot attempts they receive?

One thing I've learned in the last week is the Lakers are a real contender, but if Kobe Bryant doesn't realize that he actually has good players around him that can realistically help him win that 6th ring, then he can just pop in the Luniz the cd, cause all he will have is "FIVE ON IT"!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dwayne Wade For Sale!

For Sale

The Miami Heat was formed in the summer of 2010 with the Big 3 that consist of Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.  Each one was a star before they joined forces but none of them in their current situation were in a position to win a NBA Championship.  Not even Dwayne Wade who had already won a championship with the Heat.

This team is like a science project.  The CONTROL was each player on their original team by themselves, where each player would not become champions before joining forces.  The HYPOTHESIS, is LeBron James saying, "Not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 championships".  After one year, we would have to start coming to a conclusion that this project just might not validate the HYPOTHESIS of a return in championships.

In any sport, a successful team wins championships due to the chemistry they display throughout the year.  It is clear that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade cannot play at their maximum ability on the same team.  They are both the same player and take up each other's space.  It would be like Dwight Howard and Shaq starting on the same team.  So, what is the answer?  Let's dissect the situation.  When the Miami Heat play without Lebron James, they are a .500 team with a record of 5-5.  When the Miami Heat play without Dwayne Wade, they are 9-1 with a .900 winning percentage.  I have to come to the conclusion that the Miami Heat are a more effective team without Dwayne Wade.

So, let's look at the Miami Heat's weaknesses.  We can all come to the conclusion that they need help at the point guard and center positions.  Since Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum are the only good centers in the league, let us direct our attention to the point guard position.  The best point guard available is Deron Williams who will be a free agent at the end of this year and has no intentions on staying in New Jersey.  Why don't we play GM Pat Riley for a second.  Let's trade Dwayne Wade to the New Jersey Nets for Deron Williams.  Since Dwayne has a couple years left on his contract, New Jersey would take him in a heartbeat since they could draw more players to play with Wade.  New Jersey could sign and trade Deron Williams so that Miami would have him under contract.  Check out the Miami starting five.

PG Deron Williams
SG LeBron James
SF Shane Battier
PF Chris Bosh
C   Joel Anthony

That starting five would be more effective than the current Miami starting five due to better chemistry with Deron Williams adding his eight assist per game.  A great point guard makes the game easy for everyone.  Just ask Kareem, Worthy, Scott, and Cooper.   

In conclusion, the Miami Heat can continue being one of the most entertaining teams in the league, or start addressing the chemistry problems and become a DYNASTY.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend in the Making.....

Who is the best college basketball player?  Some would say Anthony Davis.  Others would say it is Thomas Robinson.  I'm going to take it to a whole different direction.  This person plays on the only undefeated team still playing.  That would be Baylor's Superstar center Brittney Griner. 

Before you guys start forming an opinion, let me hit you with some facts.  I'm going to compare her stats with the First Team All-American Men's selection.

Thomas Robinson 17.9 ppg  11.8 rpg    1.9 apg
Anthony Davis      14.3 ppg  10.1 rpg    4.6 bpg
Draymond Green  16.1 ppg   10.4 rpg   3.6 apg
Jared Sullinger      17.6 ppg     9.3 rpg   1.2 apg
Doug McDermott 23.2 ppg   8.2 rpg  1.1 apg

Brittney Griner  23.4 PPG 9.4 RPG 5.2 BPG  

This player is in a league of her own.  When have you seen a player dominate the game like she has been this year?  Her team as of today is 38-0.  That is what I call LEADING BY EXAMPLE.  She is a Naismith Player of the Year finalists and didn't take the easy way by going to Tennessee or Connecticut.  She put the Baylor Women's Team on the map and started her own legacy.  With the numbers she puts up, the NBA needs to start looking at her.  She can't be any worse than the players picked from overseas that never come over here. Everyone likes to talk about the men playing, but we really need to start appreciating this great player while she is still playing.  Just think, how often do you get to see a collegiate woman throw down a two hand dunk on another player. 

Enough Said!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What happened to college basketball?

Growing up, I lived and breathed college basketball.  My earliest basketball memory was watching Keith Smart hit the game winner against Syracuse.  I remember when everyone was a Running Rebels fan. Does anybody remember that Fab 5 member that called the timeout against Carolina in the championship game, or number 32 for the Duke Blue Devils that hit the shot against Kentucky?  What memories do you have of the last 10 years of college basketball? Absolutely nothing!

In the '90s college basketball had great teams and great players to carry the sport.  Back then you actually watched the whole NBA draft to see your favorite player get picked.  Now we stop watching after the 5th pick.  The '90s were full of great college players like Larry Johnson, Christian Laettner, Chris Webber and Glen "Big Dog" Robinson.  There were actually great teams that you could remember the whole starting five.  You had the 1991 Duke Blue Devils, 1994 Arkansas Razorbacks, and the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats team.  I could name you the starting five of all those teams.

So, what happen to the sport?  I actually had to google who won the national championship last year.  Nobody is going to remember Kemba Walker or the other 4 players that played with him 10 years from now.  This year the media is predicting that Kentucky's freshman center Anthony Davis will win the Naismith Player of the Year.  I checked his stats and found out he averages 14.3 points, 10 rebounds and 4 block per game.  Are you kidding me.  I'm going to give you the stats of some of the Naismith Winners in the 1990s.

1991 Larry Johnson  22.7 pts 10.9 rbs 3 ast
1992 Christian Laettner 21.5 pts 7.9 rbs 2 ast
1994 Glen Robinson 30.3 pts 10.1 rbs 1.9 ast
1996 Marcus Camby 20.5 pts 8.2 rbs 1.8 ast
1997 Tim Duncan 20.8pts 14.7 rbs 3.2 ast

What has happened to college basketball when a FRESHMAN averages 14.3 points a game is our possible player of the year.  Nothing against Anthony Davis, but I have a problem with the lack of talent that is being produced in college.  We don't even draft from college anymore.  The majority of the players drafted come from overseas.  Reminds me of our economy.  MESSAGE!  Let me know what you think and how can we improve the talent we produce in college basketball.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Dwight Howard Story: Superman has left the building, or maybe not?

The big story around this years NBA season has been what team will Dwight Howard play for in the future.  At the beginning of the year, Dwight told the Orlando Magic's executives that he would like to be traded to the Lakers, Nets, or Mavericks.  The Orlando Magic listened to trade offers the first half of the season, turning them all down hoping Dwight would change his mind and stay with the team.  In the word of Jesse Jackson,  they were "keeping hope alive".

The big rumor surfacing the league was Dwight opting out of his deal and joining Deron Williams in New Jersey.  This was the obvious plan for the last three months.  Orlando even believed this was the plan since Dwight would not accept a max contract with them that would pay him
$109 million dollars.

As the trade deadline started approaching, you heard a new rumor on Dwight every hour of the day.  Dwight wants to go to the Lakers.  Dwight is going to team up with Derick Rose in Chicago since they are both with Team Adidas.  Dwight is going to New Jersey with D-Will.  You never heard Dwight wanting to stay in Orlando.  He even told management that he was not going to stay.

So Orlando management starting fielding offers from the league to see the best deal they could get for Dwight Howard.  In the 11th hour, Dwight Howard developed a conscience and decided to opt-in to one more year with the Orlando Magic for
19 million cause he felt like he owed his teammates and the fans of Orlando since he showed such a lack of loyalty through the season.  What is he thinking?  Dwight Howard is that guy who breaks up with his girlfriend and asks her back at the end of the day cause he started feeling bad.

People always want to give Lebron a hard time, even myself, but one thing I can respect about Lebron is he did exactly what he wanted to do and didn't give a damn what anyone else thought.  By Dwight staying one more year for $19 million dollars, he risks being hurt and getting paid a whole lot less next summer.  If he wanted to stay in Orlando, in the words of DMX in Belly, "GET THE  MONEY YO".  He could have signed a max deal for $109 million dollars.  If he is staying one more year to be nice to the people of Orlando, that is dumb since you will be a free agent next year and have to go through the same media circus again.

In concluding, Dwight, if you want be the MAN OF STEEL, start first by trying to be a MAN!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Where Should Peyton Go?

On Thursday afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning from their team due to health reasons, 28 million dollars that would have been owed to him, and because they aquired the #1 pick in the 2012 draft.  There are many teams that would love to pay for Mr. Manning's service this year.  Looks like the main players in the Peyton sweepstakes are the Dolphins, Cardinals, Redskins, Jets, and Chiefs.  I'm going to breakdown each option for Peyton.

Miami Dolphins

Pros:  You would be playing in a great climate.  You would have Brandon Marshall who is a top 5 receiver in the league.  You would have a great offensive tackle in Jake Long who could protect your back since you just had a neck surgery.

Cons:  You would have to play Tom Brady twice a year and the chances of you winning the division would be slim.  You would have to go against Rex Ryan's defense twice a year.  You would be married living in Miami.  LeBron James inability to win the big game might rub off on you.


Pros: You would be playing with the best receiver in the league.  Your eight home games would be played in a dome.

Cons:  Your team would not be able to get past San Francisco to win the division.   The rest of your team sucks.  Arizona is the last state to observe the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. 


Pros:  The owner has a lot of money and has no problem spending it.  You would live close to President Barack Obama.

Cons:  Nobody likes your coach other than John Elway.  Your best receiver is the same height as Kevin Hart.  You would play against the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS twice a year along with the Cowboys and Eagles.


Pros:  You would have a defense that could cover up inconsistencies on the offensive side.  You would be in freaking NEW YORK.  You would have Santonio Holmes to pass the ball to.

Cons:  Rex Ryan would be your head coach.  I like Rex, but he is not a leader.  You would play second fiddle to the best Manning.  That would be Eli.  This is the same city that gave Plaxico Burress a two years prison sentence for shooting HIMSELF in the leg!


Pros:  You would have offensive weapons consisting of Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston, Moeaki.  You would have a top 5 runnning back with Jamal Charles that every defense would have to game plan against.   You would have a young and talented defense that could hold the opponent to low scores.  You have a new unproven offensive coordinator that would allow you to run your system.  You would enjoy the Best BBQ and tailgating in the country.  You would easily win the AFC West going against Tebow, Rivers, and Palmer.

Cons:  Cold weather in the winter.

After weighing the pros and cons, it think it is obvious what your choice should be.  I'll give you a hint.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Wants to Fight?

Where are our boxing stars?  I grew up in the era of Mike Tyson, Riddock Bowe, Roy Jones Jr and my all-time favorite Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield.  You ask me why do I like Evander so much?    Evander fought every one they put in front of him.  No one ever asked Evander at the end of a fight, "Who is next for you?".  They already knew that he was going to fight whoever the #1 contender was at that time.  Evander fought, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Michael Moore and ever other contender you can think of that fought in his era.

So, what is up with today's boxers.  The public has been wanting to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight for over two years.  These guys have been getting paid 30+ milllion to fight people I never heard of.  The funny thing about it, the public is dumb enough to keep paying to watch their product.  That is ridiculous!  I bet if we stopped watching their fights, they would finally fight each other.  At first Manny wanted to fight Floyd, but Floyd wouldn't fight him without a blood test because of the allegations of him being on performance enhancement drugs.  Now Floyd is calling Manny out every week trying to get him to fight, and now Manny doesn't want to fight Floyd.

I got one comment for both of them....In the words of MC Eiht in the movie Menace II Society, " Both of y'all acting like a bunch off BITCHES!".  Sorry, but I couldn't think of any other way to say it.  Feels good to get that off my chest.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Got the Munchies?

Well it's that time of the year again.  My favorite unofficial holiday.  The Super Bowl.  Growing up, the Super Bowl was just as good as Thanksgiving when it came to eating. 

I can remember that crock pot of rotel w/meat just simmering all day.  (why would anyone not put meat in their rotel)  Mom pulling the chicken wings out of the oven.  A stove with different types of entrees cooking consisting of gumbo, jambalaya, or fried shrimp.   Don't recall the vegetables.  Lol.

I still remember Super Bowl XXVII when the Dallas Cowboys played the Buffalo Bills.    This was the first time I ever had lobster tails.  My dad must of got a hook-up, cause he had to have cooked 20 tails that day, and knowing him, he didn't get them from Wal-Mart.  I think I had to have ate about 5 of them.   You know what they say, give a man an inch and he will take a foot every time.  Lol.  Super Bowl XXVII spoiled me for lobster tails for the rest of my life.  I laugh at Red Lobster deals involving lobster tails thinking, only 1 tail.


This year I'm attempting to make some Shrimp Etouffee.  I'm doing a trial run today, so I can make sure Super Bowl will not be ruined by my experiment.

Well you heard what I'm thinking about eating, let me know what you will be snacking on while the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS bring home the crown again.

Holla at your boy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where is the remote?

It's close to February, and guess what time it is?  Time for the highly watched NFL Pro Bowl game (said in my most sarcastic voice).  I don't think I have ever watched a full half of this game.  I don't have a problem with anyone being honored for their spectacular season.  However, having a meaningless game after the season is over is like someone asking you to come into work on Saturday for the fun of it.

Unlike the NFL, Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have events to celebrate their All-Stars.  The MLB has the annual Home Run Derby and a All-Star game that decides who gets home field advantage between the American and National league in the World Series.  The NBA has Sophomore versus Rookie game, three point contest and a dunk contest.  What does the NFL give us?  A meaningless game with a bunch of players who did not even make it to the Super Bowl.  That would be like having a NBA All-Star game last year without Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki.

In the words of the Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson, "NFL, you're better than that". 


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who You Rolling With?

This weekend we have the NFL Conference Championship games to determine who will be going to the Super Bowl.  The Baltimore Ravens will play the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship game and THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS will play the
San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship game.  If you read my previous posting, you know who I'm going with to win the Super Bowl and my reasons.  Leave a comment and let me know who you think will win the Super Bowl, and why?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who Cut the Cheese?

Green Bay Packers, home of the Cheese Heads.  The team with the best record in the NFL.  The favorite to repeat as Super Bowl champs.  Give me a break!  I'm not buying this years Green Bay Packers.  First, any team that lets the Kansas City Chiefs prevent them from having a perfect season doesn't deserve to win a title this year, no offense toward my home team.  Green Bay's defense couldn't stop my nose from running.  Their best defensive player is Aaron Rodgers!

But I have a confession, don't tell Romeo Crennel, I have been having an affair for a couple years now.  With whom you ask? The NY FOOTBALL GIANTS.  Yes, it feels free to finally get that out of my system.  The NY FOOTBALL GIANTS will be this years Super Bowl Champions.   Since I've finally confessed my love for the NY Football Giants, I will now refer to them as US, WE, and OUR!

I'm going to give you the reasons why our team will beat the Packers and anyone else that steps up.  We are the most balanced team in the NFL.  Nobody can stop our defensive line with my guys Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul.  We have arguably a top 5 quarterback with Lil Peyton running the show.  Green Bay cannot stop Ahmad Bradshaw, aka Lightning, and Brandon Jacobs, aka Thunder.  Don't let me get on our receiving core that is arguably the best in the game with Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, and Victor Cruz, aka Mr. Salsa, as my brother would call him.  That is just too much man power for a team that is last in defense. 

Just remember four years ago the Giants played the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, it resulted in Lil Peyton leading his team over the undefeated New England Patriots to become Super Bowl Champs.  You might say that Green Packers already beat my NY Football Giants once this year 38-35, but just remember that the year they won the Super Bowl, New England also beat them in the regular season.  Take a guess what the score was.  That's right 38-35.  You heard it hear first.  Don't be surprise if this weekend feels like a rerun.

Let me know who you rolling with this weekend.

RESPECT DA GAME, where agreeing with the norm is unacceptable!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tebow: Born to win!

Every week we watch Tim Tebow, you ask yourself, how does he keep winning.  Does he work harder than everyone, does he want to win more than everyone, or maybe he just more favored by God than everyone else.  Lol.    A man is defined by what he has done in the past.  Why you think jobs ask for application, and loan offices ask for credit reports.  They want to analyze you and predict what will be your future behavior.  That is why you cannot fault the Denver Broncos for picking Tim Tebow.   His background has shown to be a born winner.  People fail to realize that he led his high school team to a 4A State Title in high school, led the University of Florida to 2 National Championships in 4 years.  Became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy Award.  Would you hire a sells manager that led two companies to be the best in their particular industry?  If you did hire that person, what would you expect from that individual.  That is exactly what the whole world should expect from Tebow.  He has never shown us in the past that he was not able to lead a team to victory, so why is America shocked now.  It's not like he took his talents to South Beach to play with another star and choked in the Finals again.  Sorry wrong sport.  So lets raise the bar for Tebow.  I feel that he expects excellence from everything he does in life, as we should for ourselves, so why shouldn't we expect those same things from him after analyzing his PAST WORK HISTORY.

Tim Tebow

Work History
Allen D. Nease High School                                                              
4A High School Champions  2005

University of Florida                                                                       
National Champions 2006 and 2008
2007 Heisman Trophy winner


B. Mac

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Welcome to RESPECT DA GAME.  I would like to thank you for visiting RESPECT DA GAME.  This is a blog that will debate different topics going on in the sports world today.  I believe that we are all created different, so we should have different ideas to share about various topics.

The title of the blog was created 11 years ago while dating my wonderful wife.  While watching my favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers, she called during the first quarter of the game to talk and I told her in the most RESPECTFUL way," baby, you got to RESPECT DA GAME".  This became a huge joke among my family members, but caught on right away.  Being the understanding wife I now have, she took the time out to call me during halftime and commercials during the Laker game after that comment.  Take notes ladies, that is how you become WIFEY.

I will be blogging about random topics that are being discussed around the sports world and giving my random opinion.  I plan to engage my audience with thought provoking topics that encourage aggressive sports debates.

I look forward to you following my blog and giving your various opinions.  Now let's get it started.