Monday, April 16, 2012

The Kobe Effect!

Kobe Bryant is arguable one of the best players that ever picked up a basketball.  He has won 5 rings with the Los Angeles Lakers and is searching for that 6th ring to catch his idol Michael Jordan. 

This year while Kobe has been trying to lead his team to a championship, he has suffered a few injuries.  Right now he has missed 5 games due to an injured shin.  In Kobe's absence, the Los Angeles Lakers have put up a 4-1 record consisting of a impressive win on Sunday versus last year's NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks.

The amazing thing about the Lakers recent play is the production they have been receiving from role players Metta World Peace (can't believe I just typed that), and Matt Barnes.  Last week, World Peace led the Lakers past the Spurs with 26 points when he only averages 7.4 points a game.  Matt Barnes led the team past Denver on Friday with 24 points when he averages 7.7 points a game.  Why are these guys not producing on a more consistent basis.  Could it be the KOBE EFFECT?

KOBE EFFECT - The act of decreasing in productivity due to the lack of shots and confidence while in the presence of Kobe Bryant.

Let's see if this theory holds any weight when it comes to teammates that won a championships with Kobe.

The first year he won a championship, the Lakers traded for Glen Rice to help the team get over the hump.  Glen Rice averaged 22.3 points a game with 45% shooting the year before he became a Laker and averaged 15.9 points a game at 43% shooting the year they won the championship. 

The next year Mitch Richmond joined the Lakers and won a championship.  He averaged 16.2 points per game at 40% shooting with the Wizards then joined the Lakers and averaged 4.1 points per game at 40% shooting.

Finally, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace averaged 17.3 points per game at 40% shooting with the Rockets then joined the Lakers and averaged 11.7 points per game at 41% shooting.

For some reason, perimeter players have the hardest time being successful with Kobe Bryant.  Is it because Kobe shoots the ball too much?  Is it the stress of playing on a championship caliber team?  Is it the lack of trust Kobe has for his teammates which results in the lack of shot attempts they receive?

One thing I've learned in the last week is the Lakers are a real contender, but if Kobe Bryant doesn't realize that he actually has good players around him that can realistically help him win that 6th ring, then he can just pop in the Luniz the cd, cause all he will have is "FIVE ON IT"!


  1. PREACH! Aristotle could not have articulated that any better!

  2. Great points! In the stats less points and same shooting percentage. Lots of shots to go around with Kobe out of the lineup.