Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Odd Man Out!


The last two years the Los Angeles Lakers have exit the playoffs due to being over matched by younger and better talent.  This past summer Laker GM ,Mitch Kupchak, decided to make a power move by acquiring Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and Antwan Jamison. 

When the Lakers picked up Steve Nash, I was the first person jumping around and bragging to my non-Laker fans.  After watching a few pre0season games, I noticed that average point guards were giving Steve Nash problems.  One thing is clear to me, Steve Nash is not going to work!  I think Steve Nash is one of the best point guards to play the game, but you signed a 38 year old player to a 3 year deal.  The Lakers problem for years have been stopping their opponent's point guard.  This year will  not be any different.  We all know that Steve Nash's kryptonite is playing defense.  When the Lakers picked him up, I figured Nash would put so much pressure on the opposing point guard that he wouldn't have to play as much defense.  After watching these preseason games, one thing is clear, Steve Nash will be the next victim of the KOBE EFFECT!  (Prior Blog Title)  He is not even shooting the ball!    Steve Nash is used to being the best player on his team and is most effective when he has the ball the majority of the time.  In the past, Nash has created offense for himself as well as set his teammates up for easy shots.  Since Nash is now the 4th best player on his team, he is not handling the ball as much..  Without Nash controlling the offense and being aggressive, it just give the opponents point guard more energy to go at him on offense. 

Let's look at the point guards the Lakers will have to go up against in order to make a run for the Finals.  The top three point guards in the Western Conference are Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker.  All three player will eat a 38 year old Steve Nash for lunch.  Please don't think Kobe Bryant is going to switch and guard those guys either. 

In conclusion, I will GUARANTEE you by the middle of the season, Steve Nash will either have his normal back problems or will be very frustrated with the lack of contribution he is giving the team.  Please feel free to call me out if I'm wrong.  But I'm confident I'm not.

B.Mac (concerned Laker fan)

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