Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend in the Making.....

Who is the best college basketball player?  Some would say Anthony Davis.  Others would say it is Thomas Robinson.  I'm going to take it to a whole different direction.  This person plays on the only undefeated team still playing.  That would be Baylor's Superstar center Brittney Griner. 

Before you guys start forming an opinion, let me hit you with some facts.  I'm going to compare her stats with the First Team All-American Men's selection.

Thomas Robinson 17.9 ppg  11.8 rpg    1.9 apg
Anthony Davis      14.3 ppg  10.1 rpg    4.6 bpg
Draymond Green  16.1 ppg   10.4 rpg   3.6 apg
Jared Sullinger      17.6 ppg     9.3 rpg   1.2 apg
Doug McDermott 23.2 ppg   8.2 rpg  1.1 apg

Brittney Griner  23.4 PPG 9.4 RPG 5.2 BPG  

This player is in a league of her own.  When have you seen a player dominate the game like she has been this year?  Her team as of today is 38-0.  That is what I call LEADING BY EXAMPLE.  She is a Naismith Player of the Year finalists and didn't take the easy way by going to Tennessee or Connecticut.  She put the Baylor Women's Team on the map and started her own legacy.  With the numbers she puts up, the NBA needs to start looking at her.  She can't be any worse than the players picked from overseas that never come over here. Everyone likes to talk about the men playing, but we really need to start appreciating this great player while she is still playing.  Just think, how often do you get to see a collegiate woman throw down a two hand dunk on another player. 

Enough Said!

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