Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tebow: Born to win!

Every week we watch Tim Tebow, you ask yourself, how does he keep winning.  Does he work harder than everyone, does he want to win more than everyone, or maybe he just more favored by God than everyone else.  Lol.    A man is defined by what he has done in the past.  Why you think jobs ask for application, and loan offices ask for credit reports.  They want to analyze you and predict what will be your future behavior.  That is why you cannot fault the Denver Broncos for picking Tim Tebow.   His background has shown to be a born winner.  People fail to realize that he led his high school team to a 4A State Title in high school, led the University of Florida to 2 National Championships in 4 years.  Became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy Award.  Would you hire a sells manager that led two companies to be the best in their particular industry?  If you did hire that person, what would you expect from that individual.  That is exactly what the whole world should expect from Tebow.  He has never shown us in the past that he was not able to lead a team to victory, so why is America shocked now.  It's not like he took his talents to South Beach to play with another star and choked in the Finals again.  Sorry wrong sport.  So lets raise the bar for Tebow.  I feel that he expects excellence from everything he does in life, as we should for ourselves, so why shouldn't we expect those same things from him after analyzing his PAST WORK HISTORY.

Tim Tebow

Work History
Allen D. Nease High School                                                              
4A High School Champions  2005

University of Florida                                                                       
National Champions 2006 and 2008
2007 Heisman Trophy winner


B. Mac


  1. Hello sports fans,
    I have to admit, I am and will always be a CHIEFS man. Tim Tebow has always had my vote, maybe its because everyone else is/was against the guy. The guy is in his second year in the NFL first year starting. Critics where is the learning curve? When are you suppose to get the next level? I think he is showing all the nay sayers the answers to both questions. He may or may not go all the way this year, but at least he has surpassed what and where many thought he would be thus far. Well done. Just to add I'm also pulling for VIC yes I say it, I hope he goes all the way in the very near furture.

  2. You got it. Let me call HR and push his resume through.