Saturday, January 7, 2012


Welcome to RESPECT DA GAME.  I would like to thank you for visiting RESPECT DA GAME.  This is a blog that will debate different topics going on in the sports world today.  I believe that we are all created different, so we should have different ideas to share about various topics.

The title of the blog was created 11 years ago while dating my wonderful wife.  While watching my favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers, she called during the first quarter of the game to talk and I told her in the most RESPECTFUL way," baby, you got to RESPECT DA GAME".  This became a huge joke among my family members, but caught on right away.  Being the understanding wife I now have, she took the time out to call me during halftime and commercials during the Laker game after that comment.  Take notes ladies, that is how you become WIFEY.

I will be blogging about random topics that are being discussed around the sports world and giving my random opinion.  I plan to engage my audience with thought provoking topics that encourage aggressive sports debates.

I look forward to you following my blog and giving your various opinions.  Now let's get it started.


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  1. Congrats on the blog BMAC (get it!) lol. I will certainly be following!