Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who You Rolling With?

This weekend we have the NFL Conference Championship games to determine who will be going to the Super Bowl.  The Baltimore Ravens will play the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship game and THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS will play the
San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship game.  If you read my previous posting, you know who I'm going with to win the Super Bowl and my reasons.  Leave a comment and let me know who you think will win the Super Bowl, and why?


  1. I guess it would be a bigger story if young Eli wins again. The odds point in the Giants favor for the simple fact that New York has history on its side. They are 4-0 in nfc championship game. Everyone is sleeping on the San Francisco 49rs though. Until last Saturday no one really paid attention to them, they were underdogs on their home turf. 49rs are serious, Alex Smith is playing his best football, the defense is getting turnovers and I believe its going to be a long day for the NY Football Giants. The cross country trip is going to affect them also. Both teams are coming off an emotional wins but it will probably come down to a field goal. I would put my trust in David Akers to place the 49res in the Super Bowl.

    New England will pounce on Baltimore Ravens. Too much internal bickering with Baltimore this week, not focus on the game Sunday. Ravens have had success in the playoffs against New England in the playoffs. I think New England will be going after blood, and with Brady and Bellicheck, I wouldn't put it past them running the score up. It will be plus ten or more.

  2. New England has not beat a team with a winning record. What makes you think they will beat the Ravens who have beaten them at home in the playoffs before. I will not even respond to your comment about my NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS when there is no chance for the San Francisco 49ers to win this game. Experience will be the key in this game. Too much ELI!